Marketable Japan

Japan is now one of the nations that can have a strong presence around the world with their own products and services and also the marketable culture. Japan is known for the car industry has many cars being manufactured in the country that includes Toyota, Honda, Kawasaki, Daihatsu,  Suzuki, Mitsubishi,  Isuzu,  Mazda, Yamaha, Subaru, Nissan, and Mitsuoka. They also have other many products that are being sold around the world. With that alone, Japan is known to the world. But there are more from this country.

They are also into the marketing of their entertainment industry in music, movies and also in the written form. They have animes and manga published continually and readers are not just limited from Japan. With that arise cosplay that is also adopted by other nationalities. Even if it is being adopted in other countries but there is something unique if it is done by the Japanese people. In the music industry, the young girls who are cute are the ones who can become popular in the industry.

It is not the talent that they are performing but they have been trained to be able to become one as long as they are cute. It has been a long part of the tradition in the music industry. Now groups are performing overseas as they are also expanding their network and income. In this industry also that they promote products that help them make money and continue the culture. There are more things that make Japan marketable.